We will:

1.  Analyze the business’ financial/descriptive information.
2.  Provide a written valuation and assist the owner in selecting a sale price.
3.  Develop materials to be submitted to websites and to be presented to buyers.  
4.  Provide suggestions about showing the business and a list of resources for contract-related, legal,
and closing assistance.

Owner agrees to provide the financial and descriptive information including profit and loss statements,
the property lease,  equipment list, and historical data about the business. Wujek & Company will
prepare the financial/descriptive materials, perform the valuation, and assist the Owner in submitting
data to websites. The valuation will provide Wujek & Company's estimate of the value of the business, a
recommended asking price, and documents supporting the valuation.  

Under this program, Wujek & Company is not appointed the Owner’s broker and  will be not due a
commission if the business is sold. Owner agrees to pay Wujek & Company a fee of
***  for the above
services.    This amount does not include any advertising fees which owner agrees to pay directly to
websites and newspapers selected by Owner (with Wujek & Company‘s recommendations).

***   Please call us for quotes at 813-978-1191.

It is understood that Wujek and Company does not and will not provide legal or accounting advice.  Owner agrees to consult with his/her
attorney and accountant before marketing the business, and before signing a sale contract.   All materials developed by Wujek & Company
will be based on data provided by the owner.  Wujek & Company will not verify this data.  The materials provided by Wujek & Company are
for information purposes, only.  Owner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Wujek & Company for any damages, losses, claims, and
actions resulting from the use of these materials. The valuation will not be an appraisal and will not be constructed according to guidelines
of the American Institute of Appraisers
Program 2 - We'll Value Your Business
and Help You Sell It Yourself

Wujek & Company will provide documents that show how business brokers value
businesses, determine a sale price, advertise listings, and handle prospects.  These
materials include a Cash Flow Worksheet with directions and computation program (on CD
ROM), directions on obtaining comparable sale data, a General Information Form, a
Confidentiality Form, a Prospect’s Financial Statement, and additional information on the
sale of businesses … including specific site recommendations for advertising.  Documents
apply to most businesses with gross sales of under $750,000 a year.

In addition, Wujek & Company will provide an exceptional 300 page guide to selling a
business.  The price of these materials is currently $79.

Please send us an email at wujekbrokers@yahoo to let us know of your interest in these
Program 1 - Learn How Brokers
Sell Businesses
Program 3 - Wujek & Company will
evaluate your business and act as
a broker...or we will try to find a
broker who can work with you.

Wujek & Company is licensed in
Florida.  If your business is outside of
Florida, Wujek & Company will try to
establish cooperative relationships in
your state.  Please contact us for more
information, 813-978-1191 or

Our typical fee for services is 10% of
the sale price of the business, with a
$10,000 minimum.  Lower fees apply if
real property is also sold.  
James J. Wujek
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Busch Officentre
9310 N. 16th  St., #104
Tampa, Florida  33612
813-315-6208 (fax)